Onsite service is $90 per hour
The minimum charge is $50
Credit cards not accepted at this time
Personal checks accepted with photo ID

Complete system restore of Windows. A Microsoft "Certificate of Authenticity" is required. This service requires your PC to be taken off site. Returns are usually next business day. Includes internet setup, printer installation and up to one hour of onsite service. If your hard drive has files on it you want to keep there is a $30 charge to save your personal data. Minor hardware repairs are also included.

$130 to $160

Hardware repairs and upgrades are billed by the hour. This does not include parts or reloading Windows and may require your PC to be taken off site.

$50 to $135

Training is best done one on one but more can attend at no extra charge if your monitor is large enough for all to easily see it. One session includes up to two hours of training on anything you want to learn to do on your PC. You can take notes and record the session if you like. Click Training on your left for more details.

$50 minimum

Website setup is not done onsite. Web design is billed by the hour at $30. It could take 5 or more hours to setup the website. There is also a $80 per year charge to host the website includes one domain name. The price shown is for 3 hours of design plus 1 year of hosting and one domain name. Click Websites on your left for more details.


System installation/replacement includes unpacking, setup printer and internet, copy files from old PC and installing software. Files can be recovered from old PC even if it is not working. Large amount of data requires more time to copy. Amout of time determines price.

$50 to $135