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Types of Classes
Dress Code for Classes
Class Rules

Types of Classes
Beginner - Advanced Classes Offered
Ages 3 years old thru Adult

The building block of all dance styles. In this class, proper technique and placement are emphasized.

Dancers explore various rythms and musical patterns used in tap dance. Different styles of tap are studied in each class such as Broadway, hoofing, hip-hop & two step, as well as many others.

Technique classes focus on correct body and arm placement on turns, leaps, jumps, etc.. Jazz also incorporates strength building and flexibility exercises.

Come learn some of the hottest new moves straight from L.A. & New York.

This style of dance combines ballet, jazz and modern. Choreography emphasis on interpretation of music lyrics.

A form of Classical Ballet where dancers perform on the tips of their toes. For the advanced dancer only.

Designed for the young dancer who is preparing for pointe work. This class will help to strengthen the feet and ankles of dancers who may be showing readiness to dance in pointe in the next few years.

Back Handspring and Tuck
This Class is designed to focus on achieving Back Handsprings, tucks and other advanced tumbling passes.

Musical Theater
A must for any dancer who wants to be the ultimate triple threat. This class includes singing, dancing and acting all at the same time.

Acrobatics (Acro)
Students will learn tumbling skills (cart-wheels, back bends, etc.).

This class is offered only for younger students who may be new to jazz. The class allows the child to move freely as the newest moves for children are taught to the hottest new Kids Tunes.

Leaps and Turns
This dance class focuses on the advancement of turns and leaps. You must be an intermediate/advance dancer.

Learn cheers, dances & chants. Focusing on jumps & tumbling passes to help any person interested in cheerleading.

This class is perfect for those who love southern hertiage. Learn to double step & do-si-do in this style of folk dance.

A contemporary style of dance that focuses on breath control, use of momentum, contraction and release, and weight distribution.

Mommy & Me
Creative Movement class designed to bring out the imagination & personality of your 1 & 2 year olds.

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Dress Code for Classes

Ballet - Any color leotard & tights, Pink ballet shoes, (split sole, canvas shoe is preferred).

Jazz - Any color leotard, jazz pants, jazz capris, black jazz shoes (Slip on Gore Boot preferred), Dance hot pants, NO GYM SHORTS

Hip Hop - Same as Jazz but you may also wear hip hop pants, white tennis shoes. NO GYM SHORTS

Tap - Same as Jazz, Black Tap shoes. Company Class - Tan slip on Tap Shoe.

Lyrical - Any color leotard & tights, tan Pedinins.

Acrobatics - Same as Jazz, Tennis shoes or black jazz shoes.

Pointe - Any color leotard & tights, ballet skirt is a must, Pink pointe shoes (teacher will tell each individual student which is best pair for them. NO PANTS , CAPRIS OR SHORTS.

Pre-Pointe - Same as pointe class, Pink Canvas Ballet shoes with Satin Ribbons.

Modern - Same as Jazz, Bare feet for warm-up, Dance Paws for class.

Clogging - Same as Jazz except White canvas Tennis Shoes and order clogging taps with Melinda.

Cheerleading - Same as Jazz or shorts and t-shirt, white canvas tennis shoes and poms.

Musical Theater - Same as Jazz.

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Class Rules

No food or drink is allowed in the dance rooms. The only exception is that dancers may bring a water bottle to class. Also, no chewing gum!

No parents are allowed in the dance rooms unless the instructor invites the parents in on a special occasion to watch. If you need to speak to an instructor, either catch them in the lobby or e-mail them. Thanks for understanding!

If you must miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to call “Miss Michelle” so that she may inform the instructor. Your child can make-up a class in another class. See your instructor for a make-up class time. There is no refund on missed classes.

All dance or school bags must be placed on the shelves in the dressing room.

Please be prompt when picking up dancers after class.

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