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The price for website design is $30 per hour. It takes about 5 hours to do several pages and depends mostly on what you want on each page. You need to provide the pictures and text for your website. Photos can be scanned if you can not provide digital format. Everything you provide will then be arranged as you direct us toward what you want the site to look like. Additional pages can be added as you expand your site.

You will also need your own domain name. This is available for $15 per year. You can reserve it for 1 year or up to 5 years. The .com domains are most common but you can also use .net, .us, .org and others. You can check the availability of the name at DirectNIC.com. It would be best to pick one that is not already taken. You can see who owns the name you want, when it expires and if it is for sale.

Once you have your domain name and web pages setup there will be times when you want to make changes to the pages. The minimum charge for modifications to your page is $10. The $30 per hour price applies for major changes. There is an annual fee of $75 for hosting and one domain name.

Email for your domain is available for $5 per email per year and includes webmail. When you register a domain name you will also get one or more email addresses for that domain. Simply put your email address can be "anyname@yourdomain.com".