Partner Feedback on
Collegiate Housing

Here are observations from some of the Foundation’s partners:

“Using CHF has been great because that’s all they do – vs. our own Foundation which has a completely different mission.”
                Mona Adams
                Assistant Treasurer
                University of Delaware

“Many institutions utilize an institution-related foundation for privatizing housing. Due to UAB’s desire to keep these transactions off our balance sheet, that was not an attractive option for us. Therefore, we were extremely pleased when we learned about CHF during the developer selection process for our first privatized housing facility.

Periodically I receive inquiries from other institutions about privatized housing, and I always tell them UAB has had a great working relationship with CHF”.
                Patricia Raczynski
                Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs
                The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“First and foremost, our relationship with CHF has allowed us to expand the number of housing options as well as the type of living space alternatives that most students today expect. In doing so, it has increased the number of resident students throughout our campus.

This has resulted in a greater retention and graduation rate over the course of the past five years.”
                Dan Wortham
                Vice President for Administration & Finance
                Christian Brothers University

“The Institute has been working with the Foundation, namely Lee Covey, President, since 1998. Mr. Covey is a pleasure to work with. The Institute has always found him to be gracious, professional, knowledgeable, flexible and very responsive.”
                Roger Stackpoole
                Rochester Institute of Technology