Valuable Benefits
Through An Affiliation
With Collegiate
Housing Foundation

One of the primary benefits of an affiliation with Collegiate Housing Foundation is an institutionís ability to retain all surplus revenue from the facilities financed by the Foundation without any obligation to repay a construction loan. Plus, the institution is given an unconditional right to have the facilities donated back to it upon repayment of the construction loan.

Collegiate Housing Foundationís partners appreciate the fact that their project will be financed in a manner that minimizes the impact on both the schoolís financial statements and credit ratings.

Through a partnership with Collegiate Housing Foundation, colleges and universities accrue other valuable benefits including:

Having the flexibility to structure the Foundationís interest as either an outright ownership or a leasehold interest.

Choosing whether to involve a developer or manager of their choice or to develop/manage the facility itself.

Being relieved of burdensome procedures, in some instances including bid and wage laws.

Avoiding construction and operational risks.

Passing along responsibility to the Foundation for compliance with bond covenants.

Being able to take advantage of the Foundationís access to discounted insurance rates due to the large size of its insurance portfolio.

With the approval of the IRS, the Foundation can further assist colleges and universities by owning and financing classrooms, labs, recreation centers, libraries, infirmaries, parking decks, and other campus facilities provided such facilities are financed in connection with the financing of a student housing facility. Further, up to 10% of a student housing facility can be used for retail space.