Collegiate Housing
Your Working
Partner In Building
Campus Facilities

Founded in 1996, Collegiate Housing Foundation is a non-profit organization initially created to specifically help colleges and universities meet the urgent need for high-quality campus housing. After several successful years of financing, owning and operating student housing facilities, the Foundation received approval from the IRS in 2004 to further assist colleges and universities by owning and financing other kinds of campus properties and to incorporate limited retail space into those facilities. This expansion of its activities was permitted only after the Foundation passed an extensive two-year review of its operations by the IRS. With this approval and the Foundationís long track record, its partners have the assurance of dealing with an experienced, proven organization.

Collegiate Housing Foundation has built a rock-solid reputation as evidenced by its large and prestigious national portfolio. By helping colleges and universities - both large and small - gain the benefits of ownership without assuming any of the responsibilities for financing, building, or operating campus properties, the Foundation continues to grow. When working with the Foundation, an institution takes on no liability for the debt created by the financing since the obligation to repay the debt is limited to student housing payments and other dollars generated by the facilities. At the same time, the institution is given the right to the revenues generated by the facilities that remain after the payment of the operational and financing costs. As a result, campus facilities financed by the Foundation typically have a minimal effect on the debt capacity or financial ratings of the institution.

The bottom line: by utilizing Collegiate Housing Foundation as a working partner, a college or university is allowed to secure its needed facilities without having to assume any new debt, yet still retain all surplus revenue generated by such facilities.